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Our Passion

We believe in creating a peaceful, fair and just world for all beings – regardless of species – through veganism.  We are passionate about empowering individuals with the knowledge that veganism is the primary means of dismantling speciesism to achieve the abolition of animal enslavement and exploitation for human pleasure, tradition and convenience, and we do this in a way that challenges the status quo of animal “welfare” organizations and the animal exploiters with whom they partner as they focus on everything but veganism in order to maximize each other’s profits and keep the wheels of animal agriculture turning.

Through our dedication to public education on veganism, animal rights, ethics and the effects of animal agriculture on our environment and our health, the goal and dream of abolishing all forms of animal oppression and eliminating the status of animals as chattel property is quickly becoming a reality!

Our Purpose

Having been involved in countless animal welfare campaigns over the past decade, we find ourselves turned off and disenchanted by these money and membership-driven organizations promoting small victories while purposely not focusing on veganism, while knowing full well that veganism is the key to addressing the root of the problem –  the myth of human supremacy that begets speciesism – as opposed to flailing away at the myriad branches of specific abuses growing in every direction.  We can no longer support the big, donation-based, so-called Animal “Rights” organizations in good conscience, as our blinders have been lifted and we can clearly see how ineffective their approaches are other than to maintain the current paradigm that keeps animals being used as disposable, replaceable human resources, property and commodities.  The Single Issue Campaigns (SICs) promoted by every major animal welfare organization have not been effective in the past; in fact, they have been hurting the very movement they purport to be championing!

Thoughts On Single-Issue Campaigns

Image courtesy of VeganismIsNonviolence.com

It seems that more and more people are focusing their limited time, energy and resources on animal welfare and abuse reduction – while animals remain enslaved in a food/entertainment/fashion/science lab industry – rather than focusing on achieving animals rights through promoting veganism as the moral baseline for our treatment of individuals of other species.  There is a huge difference between the two.  Welfarists celebrate bigger cages and one species’ “retirement” from the circus while abolitionist vegans such as ourselves seek to focus on vegan education.  We at South Florida Vegan Education Group believe that unequiVOCAL, nonviolent vegan education is the only advocacy method that will successfully bring about the changes for the animals’ lives that we seek in the world.

For more information about veganism, please visit HowToGoVegan.org, BeFairBeVegan.com and the other pages linked on our Vegan Resources page.

Vegan Education in action!

Our Mission

Founded in January 2014 by Elena Brodskaya and Keith Berger, South Florida Vegan Education Group is a grassroots 501(c)(3) non-profit social justice organization dedicated to public education on veganism, animal rights, ethics and the effects of animal agriculture on our environment and our health with the goals of abolishing all forms of animal exploitation and oppression, and eliminating the status of animals as chattel property.

We offer interactive workshops, classes, movie screenings and other presentations aimed toward educating the public about veganism and animal rights.  In addition, we bring our Vegan Education Station to various locations to offer free conversation and literature at events, maintain an active social media presence via our Facebook page and provide mentoring and support to those who wish to learn more about veganism.

Thanks for dropping by.  We’re grateful for your support!  🙂

End oppression.  Live vegan.  Educate others.

Vegan Fest 1
Keith talking to those interested in veganism at South Florida Vegan Fest late 2016
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